Seckatary Hawkins Clubs have always been involved in worthy causes and beneficial efforts for community, children's reading and learning, and other community action pursuits. Often club members and friends ask how to help us in our historical restoration of printing and reprinting the books of Seckatary Hawkins. We have prepared quality books for club members on a very small scale, but we are making these high moral stories available to many others now and for a long time in the future. We feel the principles and lessons for youth will help many a boy and girl become a better citizen and a better community family member as well, Just as the Fair & Square clubs have done since 1923.

We encourage learning, writing and reading and figuring things out in highly moral and decent ways.

Membership is free, and no dues are collected or required. Our pursuits and endeavors are always geared toward providing things to club members and their children at no cost - or at as low a cost as possible. So if you can help any of these efforts with a donation of any size, all the club members will appreciate it.  Free Membership is open to all, young or old, rich or poor - all are welcome.

Click to make a donation of any amount on the Fair & Square Club Paypal account for:

  • Book reprinting campaign
  • Library donation campaign
  • Reward prize for children in Writing campaigns like the old days.
  • Revitalization of Covington and Seckatary Hawkins boyhood home conversion to museum campaign.
Thank you for your support.

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  • If you would like to help us spread the word to today's youth:

    Now, more than ever, the youth of our great country needs to get back to the ideals that made our country great. What better way to help build character, patriotism and civic pride than to introduce our nation's children to the world of Seckatary Hawkins and the Fair & Square Club! As you know, the Seckatary Hawkins adventure stories are full of fun, excitement, good clean fun and great moral lessons that any parent would want their child to be exposed to. We fully believe that once young readers pick up one of the motivational works of Robert Franc Schulkers, they will be enthusiastic about the stories for life.  The can-do spirit generated in all readers will give your kids an advantage others will be missing, and allow them to be quicker on their way to becoming great citizens and leaders of tomorrow.  But the kids need your help.  Please help us to spread this positive and wholesome message by making any donation of your choice to our not-for-profit enterprise and we will ensure that it all goes directly to getting today's youth signed up as official Fair & Square Club members.  We would like parents to become Fair & Square Club members too - it is a great example.  See why so many generations in many families are F&S Club members for years and years.

    How we spread the word:

  • Your donation will help us spread the word by providing support for:

  • Seckatary Hawkins books for libraries and museums.

  • Organizations and Projects that encourage children to read good books. 

  • Seckatary Club reprinting book activities.

  • Educational and historical societies seminar presentations for the Fair & Square Club.

  • Ad-Free Seckatary Hawkins websites and group email list services provided at no charge to Club members.

  • Fair &Square club meetings and campaigns at our BCM Museum Headquarters.

  • Downtown Covington redevelopment project.

    And other non-profit / not-for-profit functions that share the fair and square principles established by Robert F. Schulkers.

    PS: Even if you canít donate right now, please consider lending your books out to the young ones in your neighborhood - or consider giving Seckatary Hawkins books as gifts to the children in your life. You can rest assured that you are helping a young boy or girl build a great foundation for a bright future. 

    Yours Fair & Square
    Randy Schulkers
    ~A quitter never wins and a winner never quits~


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